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And you never will again.

You've Never Seen Anything like this before

An experience like no other

 Dead End features both a haunted house and a haunted trail, with scares for a wide range of comfort levels. Are you a little bit nervous and not sure if you want to go full on? Then go for the haunted trail! Want to be terrified to your core? Go for the haunted house!


Full Size Candy

Have A sweet tooth? If so, then we are your top spot for candy this Halloween. We have all types of candy, including allergy friendly treats.

What We Offer

Haunted trail

Featuring multiple zones, animatronics, and much more, this is perfect for those of you who don't want to be too scared. 

Warning: While the haunted trail is a much less scary experience, there will be jumpscares, and live actors around 8:00 pm. If You have a small child, then we recommend going before 8:00 pm. WARNING: This experience features jumpscares and sometimes scare actors. Not recommended for children under 6


Haunted House

This unique haunted house features themed hallways with animatronics and scare actors later in the night, this is perfect for those of you who are ready to be terrified. WARNING: The

Haunted House is not recommended for small children, and may be traumatizing. It features gore, loud sounds, and intense scenes. While we will not stop small children from going in, We strongly advise against it. 

Last Year's Haunted Trail

If you think that's cool, then get ready for this year! we are going even bigger and better!


Contact Us

Dead End Haunted Experience 
October 31, 2021 4:30pm - 11 pm 

2981 American Saddler Drive, Park City, Utah 84060

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